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A Foundry Project

FOU.15 - This compilation has as its center point a story fragment, a series of episodes taking the listener through an enigmatic arc, an arc becoming a circle, an arc of 360. Tracks draw on a variety of electronic music flavours, from ambient electronica to microsound and glitch. Contributors to 360° are, in order of appearance: Rhomb (releases on The Foundry and Archipelago imprint), eM (releases on The Foundry, Archipelago and Fallt), Jonathan Hughes (formerly Subspace with release on Sunburst Fifty), High Skies (Mat Jarvis, formerly Gas on Emit), Mark Van Hoen with Seofon (Mark Van Hoen has released work as Locust and under his own name on Touch and Apollo; Seofon is a member of Ambient Temple of Imagination as well as a solo artist), Sketch (releases on Apollo and on End of Hum), Thermal (releases on his own Boxman label and Archipelago imprint), and Kim Cascone (releases on Ritornell and Digital Narcis among many others). Quite a range of talented artists all contributing tracks recorded specially for this compilation!
"In answer to several inquiries let me note that there is NO NARRATION on this release. The story fragments are presented as text inside the booklet, not as spoken word recordings." M. Bentley

More information about the artists, go here


1. rhomb - a theme [4.15] MP3 excerpt

2. eM - reflective [4.44] MP3 excerpt

3. interpolation 1 [0.31]

4. jonathan hughes - viscous space [5.15] MP3 excerpt

5. interpolation 2 [0.36]

6. high skies - staars [3.15] MP3 excerpt

7. interpolation 3 [0.26]

8. seofon + mark van hoen - shrine [6.28] MP3 excerpt

9. interpolation 4 [0.30]

10. sketch - zargosso [8.57] MP3 excerpt

11. interpolation 5 [0.30]

12. thermal - embers [8.57] MP3 excerpt

13. interpolation 6 [0.33]

14. kim cascone - superfield [4.16] MP3 excerpt

15. rhomb - theme redux [2.09]


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